• OZ trade Inc.

    We are searching a product that make people to be free.
    People may have a ability to be free more and more.

    We wanna support them Evolution to Freedom.



    Our mission is...

    finding the product we have never seen before in Japan,
    And open to sell it in Japanese market.

    Yoshiaki Okazaki


    I like new gadjet that

    I can feel future technology,

    expansion human potential.

    I believe human will get perfect freedom in someday. I want to see human evolution make

    the world be better place.

    Our team has done many crowdfunding products for international manufacturers in the last 3 years.


    This is our result(Click).

  • Our Strength

    This is what we can do.

    Open the business to B2B

    Strong connection

    we will approach TV media and major retailers such as Yodobashi,BicCamera, Loft, and TSUTAYA

    Tokyo Gift Show

    Exhibit the product to promote

    We will exhibit your product at the Tokyo Gift Show in Japan to promote.

    About 200,000 buyers will come and we will connect your product to retailers in Japan

    Sales Force

    Protecting the value of your brand

    Analyze the market accurately and maximize your brand in Japan

    while protecting the value of your brand and price of products.



    Targeted and effective advertising

    Google, Yahoo,Youtube advertisement

    Sufficient Marketing Tools

    Advertising Specialist

    Facebook, Instagram,and other influencers.

    Quick Decision Making​

    Speedy expansion

    We make sure we can contribute speedy expansion of your brand

  • Offline shop

    Makuake has corner

    of some offline shop


    starting to sell retail store.

    Isetan Shinjyuku

    2nd floor(held regularly)

    3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    TEL 03-3352-1111

    Tokyu Plaza Ginza

    7th floor(hands expo)

    5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-3571-0109

    (Information desk 11:00 - 21:00)

    TSUTAYA Kaden

    Tsutaya + Electronics Floor

    Several blunch



    Yodobashi camera

    Electronics, Gadget, all category

    Several blunch

    Big camera

    Electronics, Gadget, all category

    Several blunch


    Electronics, Gadget, all category

    Several blunch

    Tokyu Hands

    Travel, Outdoor Gadget, all category

    Several blunch

  • Optimise movie

    We will make sales movies optimised to Japanese.


    This is Maker's movie before we edit.


    This is the movie optimised for Japanese people by us.
    We love edit movie so much!
    It is so fun!

  • What is Crowdfunding?

    We will sell on Crowdfunding "Makuake".

    There is 5 purposes.


    The document about Makuake(Click)

    1. Receive Funding

    Use Makuake as a funding platform to help your ideas become a reality.


    By posting on Makuake, you gain a chance to gather fans of your projects before general sales and/or store opening.

    3. Understand

    Makuake users are people who are interested in new products hence invests on potential products to create a win-win situation between the project director and the supporters.

    4. Create Assets

    After successful fund gathering on Makuake, it becomes your project asset. Project directors can use this result as assets to negotiate with the potential retails.


    5.Reduce Risks of Inventory

    Makuake helps you understand how big the potential market is for your project.This helps you brainstorm the right amount of products and costs to prepare.

  • Facebook advertise

    We can get lists who are interested in your product speedy.

    collect access

    optimisation at interest of Japanese people

    Movie advertise

    analysis when people go out.

    Analysis sales page

    Landing page optimisation

  • Tokyo gift show

    we will exhibit your product

    on Tokyo GIFT SHOW

    At our expense.

  • Contact Us

  • About us

    We are professional team of crowd funding in Japan.

    Our core working is advertising operation of Internet.

    We believe advertisement is most powerful way

    to connect between the product and people who need it.

    And Crowd Funding it the most powerful advertisement as long as we know.
    Let's work together.

    We can do it.



    2F GINZA OTAKE Bisidence
    1-22-11 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo,

    東京都中央区銀座1-22-11 銀座大竹ビジデンス 2F



    tel +81-4998-2-7778


    Line : okazaky
    Chatwork : okazaky
    Skype : okazaky2014